Fat Burning Workout

Metabolic Conditioning Workouts:
MetCons, are workouts that use 3 energy systems.
ATP-PC = All Out (example Sprint)
Glycolic = Push Pace (example Run)
Oxidative = Base Pace (example Walk)
Many methods of lifting weights or cardiovascular training can be useful for metabolic improvements, but the most popular form is High Intensity Interval Training, aka HIIT. The following workout is a combination of lifting weights, body weight exercises and machine based cardiovascular exercise routines.
Warm Up:
10 minutes – Flexibility, Mobility & Dynamic Movements
Body Weight:  6x (20 work / 10 rest )
*All sets back to back
A1 – Lunge Matrix
A2 – Bicep Curls
A3 – Static Bear Crawl
Resistance: 4x (30 work / 15 rest )
*Rest 1 minute after each set
B1 – 2 Dead Lift + 2 Squat Combo
B2 – Alternating DB/KB Shoulder Press
B3 – Dead Bug
B4 – Chest Press ( Any Variation )
B5 – Pull Ups (Any Variation )
Cardio (1x 40 sec) (1x 30 sec) (1x 15 sec) 
*Do all 4 sets then move on
*Rest (Ability level conditioning)
C1 – Bike
C2 – Rower
C3 – Run in Place, Butt Kicks, High Knees
C4 – MB Chest Throw / Wall Balls , Slam

Cool Down
Low Heart Rate Activity
Foam Roll & Stretch

Veterans Day 2016- Raven Stream Elementary School, New Prague MN.


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