Functional Fitness is a SKILL
Movement Integrity and Conditioned Movement Patterns
When YOU Move Well, YOU have More Options. Fitness is Measured on Capacity and a Foundation of Functional Movement will Ensure Capacity of Conditioned Skill  

Are you moving your best? Do you have old injuries plaguing you? Could you use more range of motion and flexibility? Can you workout without getting joint soreness?  How many days do you need to recover after a hard workout?  Is movement difficult or does it flow?

Movement evaluations coupled with fitness testing is the best way to track overall fitness for results.  Mi5 Fitness uses the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) as baseline to start any program. Its a systematic approach that produces a reliable measurement to movement. This is key to providing actionable and effective steps for fitness performance.

The FMS is the gold standard for fitness professionals to conduct best practices toward getting their clients results.  The evaluation takes about 30 minutes with analysis for next steps and direction for success. Move well, move often.




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