March Workout Plan

This months focus is movement and exercise diversity.  Focus on something that will challenge you multiple times per week or one major challenge per week.  An example of this would be participating in the CrossFit Open workouts ( ) at the appropriate level or scaled version.  Follow this template and fill in the blanks to challenge yourself a few times per week.

A.  Mobility – (Ankle, Hip, Shoulders) – Foam Roller, LAX Ball
B.  Positional Stretching – (Ankles, Hips, Shoulders)
C.  FMS Patterns – (Work on your weakness patterns)
Activation  3 options –
1.  Strength Day A – 10 minute: 3 Body Weight Movement Circuit
A1 – Air Squats 15
A2 – Push Up 10
A3 – Pull-Ups 5

2.  Challenge Days – 15 minutes: Practice the Movements or Skills needed
A1 – Main Movement _______ 1-2 minutes
A2 – Flexibility / Mobility Needed _________ 1-2 minutes
A3 – Activation of Body Weight or Skill _________ 1-2 minutes

3.  Strength Day B
A1 – DB Single Leg Dead Lift 10/10
A2 – Core Plank Series 1 minute
A3 – Jump Rope – 2 rounds of: (30 seconds with 10 second rest)
Workout  3 options –
1.  Strength Day A- 40 minutes for Quality
A1 – Dead Lift 5
A2 – Kettle Bell Get Ups 5/5
A3 – Bottom Up Kettle Bell Front Rack Carry 40 meters (20m / 20m)
A4 – DB Rows 8/8
A5 – Alternating Arms DB Chest Press 8/8
Strength Day B -40 minutes for Quality
B1 – Front Squats 5
B2 – KB Swings 15
B3 – Bear Crawl 20 meters
B4 – Pull-Ups (Til Failure)
B5 – 1/2 Kneeling Kettle Bell Bottom Up Shoulder Press 8/8

2.  Challenge Days
Commit to something each week. Here are some examples:
1.  CrossFit Open Workout
2.  Try a New gym and New Class (Bootcamp, Kettle Bell Class, Boxing Class)
3.  Go on a Long Run or Long Hike
4.  Two Workouts One Day: One Strength and One Cardio

3.  Recovery & Movement Improvement Days –
30 minutes flexibility & 30 minutes full body dynamic movements focusing on form

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