Move Strong & Move Free

Move Strong and Move Free workouts are designed for anyone at any fitness level above beginner.  The base level for this program is for individuals that can move through full range of motion with no pain or discomfort.  See my article “What is your movement profile” This article can guide you if you are a beginner or needing modification of exercises due to an injury or movement issue.

Equipment needed for this program is basic and most exercises can easily be substituted for a body weight version or something similar.  So, if your ready to move, lets get going!

Move Strong and Move Free Workouts have 4 main components.   
1.  Warm Up:  The most important piece is movement preparation.  The body needs to get aligned before strenuous exercise.  Ensure your joints and muscle are ready for functional fitness by drills that improve movement quality.
2.  Strength Endurance:  Exercises meant to maintain and increase levels of full body strength, while also giving the body a challenge to increase stamina by time under tension and longer interval sets of higher repetitions.
3.  Short Intense Interval Circuits:  These circuits have 2-3 exercises with one of them, always featuring a core movement. These circuits are also shorter in time and demand bursts of high intense energy.
4.  Cool-Down:  Re-align the body and recover with focused breathing exercises and stretches to reenforce good posture and health.

Move Strong & Free is a perfect 2 or 4 week program to get your metabolism rocking.  Measure your fitness and do workouts for 2 weeks as written, then change your weights and reps to make it challenging for the next 2 weeks, then re-measure. Enjoy!

**All exercises can be “Googled” or searched on “YouTube”

Workout #1 “Wake Up Call”
Warm Up: 5 – 10 minutes
A.  15 Minutes of Every Minute on the Minute of:
Start a new exercise every minute.  Move quickly to transition to the next exercise and rest til the start of a new minute.
A1- Alternating Single Leg Dead Lift & Balance 7/7
A2 – Legs 90 degrees Wall Sits 45 seconds
A3 – Reverse Lunge with Bicep Curl 7/7
A4 – 20 Banded Chest Press + 5 Slow Push Ups
A5 – 5 Banded Bicep Curls + 20 Banded Rows

B.  Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes complete:
B1 – 30/20 Static Bear Crawl
B2 -20/15 Air Squats
B3 – 15/10 Push Ups
Cool-Down: 5 – 10 minutes
Workout #2 “I Felt That 2 Days Afterwards”
Warm Up: 5 – 10 minutes
A.  20 minutes of:
As Many Rounds as Possible of:
B1 – 5 Burpees
B2 – RFE (rear foot elevated) Split Squats 5/5
B3 – Banded Rows 25
B4 – MB (medball) Thruster 10
B5 – Dead Bug 20

B.  Two: 8 Round – Two Exercise Circuit of: 20 seconds Work & 10 seconds Rest
1st 8 Round Interval:
A1 – Air Squats with Calf Raise
A2 – TRX Rows
2nd 8 Round Interval:
B1 – Box Step Up to Curl
B2 – Box Elevated Push Up
Cool-Down: 5 – 10 minutes
Workout #3 “Carbs, Protien & Fat”
**Fun Fact**
Carbs have 4 calories per 1 gram, protein has 4 calories per gram as well, and Fat has 9 calories per gram. Watch out for those bad fats!**
Warm Up: 5 – 10 minutes
A.  4 Sets of: (30 second Go’s or the # of reps listed) *Rest as Needed
A1 – 12 DB Goblet Squats
A2 – 12 DB Chest Press
A3 – 6/6 Renegade Rows + 6 Push Ups

B.  4 Sets of:  *Rest as little as possible
B1 – 15 KB Swings
B2 – 5/5 DB Thruster (R&L)
B3 – 15 Hanging Knees to Chest

C.  9 minutes AMRAP of:
A1 – 2x Speed Ladder Drill
A2 – 9 TRX Rows
A3 – 9/9 Band Rotation (R&L)
A4 – 9 DB Reverse Flys
Workout #4 “Glad I Did It, but I’m Glad Its Over”
Warm Up: 5 -10 minutes
A.  5 Sets of:
A1 – 1 min. AMRAP of: 5 Push Ups & 10 Squats
A2 – 20 Reverse Lunges
A3 – 20 TRX Rows

B.  5 Sets of:
B1 – 1 min. AMRAP of: 3 Burpees & 6 Sit Outs
B2 – 10 DB Bent Over Rows
B3 – 5/5 Side Lunges

C.  5 minutes of:
C1 – 20 meters Butt Kicks + Back Pedal 20 meters
C2 – 10 DB Shoulder Press
C3 – 20 Hollow Rocks
Workout #5 “Strong is Earned”
Warm Up Part 1: 5 minutes of Floor Stretching
Warm Up Part 2: 10 minutes of Dynamic Movements
A.  5 Sets of:
A1 – Goblet Squats with Calf Raise 12
A2 – Farmer Carry 40 meters
A3 – Inverted Rows 12

B.  9 minutes AMRAP of:
B1 – 6/6 Box Step Ups with DB Curl
B2 – 6 Burpees
B3 – 12/12 Band Rotation

C.  6 minute Core Circuit of:
C1 – 20 Hollow Rocks
C2 – 10/10 Dead Bugs
C3 – 30 Mountain Climbers







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