Eat Well, Move Well


If you missed the event here are the notes:
The Next “Eat Well, Move Well” Event will be October 2017

The 5 Wills of Wellness. “I will”
1. Think Well (Healthy Mind)
2. Be Well (Healthy Nervous System)
3. Eat Well (Nutrition)
4. Move Well (Exercise)
5. Breathe and Live Well (Minimize Toxins)

Healthy Mind – Be educated in all aspects of your happiness, but more importantly educate yourself to avoid negative thinking and unhealthy stress. How much is too much and how can you reduce stress in positive actions? If the fish bowl is killing fish, what do you do?  Change the water, right?

Healthy Nervous System – If your structure is off centered, its the same as a car that is off centered.  Eventually the car will break down.  Check your oil, body chemistry and alignment often. This will prevent break downs and promote thriving energy.  Your nervous system can be sensitive to breaking down, give it every reason not to be.

Nutrition – Find the right mix for you.  Educate yourself in the basics.  Protein is a building block for fat burning muscle.  Carbohydrates give us energy to think and move and fats nurture our tissues from the inside and out.  These amongst many other factors are important, however you have to learn about you and how you work.  Good nutrition is individualized, sustainable and balanced to keep your immune system strong and your metabolism running at peak levels.  We recommend learning from Precision Nutrition and joining our ProCoach Nutritional Coaching Program.  Programs available for less than $50.00 per month.

“MOVE WELL” (Exercise) – The 6 fundamental “Joint by Joint” Rules (See next months featured article)
1. Foot and Ankle (Stabile foot arch structure & mobility for ankle mechanics)
2. Hip & Pelvis (Mobility in 3 planes of motion, plus neutral pelvis stabilization)
3. Core Stability and the exercises you should be doing
4. T-Spine & scapular stability
5. Shoulder mobility and overhead lifting
6. Head & neck posture and prevention from cell phones and desk work

Minimize Toxins – Be aware that everyday we are exposed to different toxins.  From food we eat, to the air we breathe, to the work conditions at your employment.  We can’t avoid them, but we can reduce them.  What can we do to lower and reduce toxins? Exercise consistently, eat non processed foods and keep educated on your environment.  However, most toxins are self induced.  Alcohol is just one of them.  To live toxin free is impossible, but living healthy and making clean choices is.  It’s always a choice for you to say “I Will.”

Contact Information:
Chris Giesking, MS
Follow at Coach Chris Giesking on Instagram & FaceBook

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