Wanna Lose Fat? Improve your Nutrition 1st, then your Exercise Methods.

The best strategy to be at an ideal weight is to, NOT OVER EAT.  Obvious answer, but our entire society is set up against us and encourages us to live a life of abundance.  More this, more that, more everything and it finally spills into our relationship with food.  Its too easy to over eat and be over weight. Watch this quick video to understand why.

The science of how your body processes food and converts it into energy can be confusing, but it’s all about what and how much, you bring in consistently that truly matters.  If your anything like most Americans, you tend to over eat and not even realize it.  This is also the number one reason why people workout as hard as they do.  They feel if they didn’t workout, they’d be twice as fat or defiantly become over weight.  Sooooooo, what did the industry do?  Return to science and discover the most efficient way to workout, based off the facts.  If your wondering what style that is, watch this video on HiiT Training.

My best advice is to improve your nutrition education and workout for movement and joint durability long term.  It’s a sure way to live a healthy, high quality life that is pain free and rewarding at any age.

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