Sleep: 28 Day Challenge

Sleep is the foundation of youth and our bodies natural state of growth.  An average human will spend 1/3 of life sleeping.  Learn 28 ways to improve that 1/3 of your life.

Complete this 28 day “Improve your Sleep Plan”
Each day focus on the challenge or information given.  Build on your successes and use the best practice approach that fits in your life. Enjoy and please share to help others.

IMG_3909 (2)IMG_3910 (2)IMG_3911 (2)IMG_3912 (2)IMG_3913 (2)IMG_3914 (2)IMG_3915 (2)IMG_3916 (2)IMG_3917 (2)IMG_3918IMG_3919IMG_3920IMG_3921IMG_3922 (2)IMG_3923 (2)IMG_3924 (2)IMG_3925 (2)IMG_3926 (2)IMG_3927 (2)IMG_3928IMG_3929IMG_3930IMG_3931IMG_3932IMG_3933IMG_3934 (2)IMG_3935 (2)

Start to tonight!

Coach Chris Giesking

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