Knowing your Micro-Biome is the Future of Health Care

In February 2018 I was introduced to Viome.  A Gut Micro-Biome Testing company that has changed my life and defiantly changed the way I coach my nutrition clients.  To make a long story short, I was searching for a balance of performance and energy for long days of coaching and working out.  Eating healthy foods isn’t easy and I’ve always had issues with certain foods not agreeing with my stomach.  Being an athlete, soldier, fitness professional, plus being health minded my whole life, you would think I ate really clean.  This is not the case for me and most coaches actually.  It’s a life of always on the go and that means always on the go nutrition.  My search for a method needed to be wellness driven and sustainable. So I stumbled on VIOME.

We all know eating real food is the right thing to do, but in todays world it’s about impossible to stay 100% faithful to clean eating.  Even if you ate a clean diet, how would you know the foods you picked were right for you?  You wouldn’t unless you got your gut tested.  Please give the following videos a chance and please think about the information given.  If you want to talk after that, I would love to help you. (

CEO and creator of VIOME……


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