Movement Practice – Minnesota

Warm Up –

  1. 3 minutes of Constant Movement: Athletes Choice
  2. 6 minutes of Functional Dynamic Movements
  3. 3 minutes of:
    A. Shoulder Mobility Drill – FMS Childs Pose
    B. Hand Plank to TriAngles to Ankle Grab

Part 1
30 minutes Movement Practice of:

  1. Single Leg Box Step Ups 10/10
  2. 1/2 Kneeling Shoulder Band External Rotation Pulls 10/10
  3. Lateral Lunge Squat to Bench 10/10
  4. Quadruped DB Rows 10/10
  5. Supine Head & Neck Strength + Shoulder Press 10

Part 2
40 / 20 Sprint Interval x 2 Rounds
A1. Athlete Picks: KB Dead Lift or KB Swing
A2. Athlete Picks: Push Ups or Mountain Climbers
A3. Athlete Picks: Cardiovascular 10 Easy, 10 Hard, 10 Easy, 10 Hard

Cool Down –

  1. Foam Roll
  2. Positional Stretching + Breathing Drills
  3. Hydrate

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