I Know What To Eat and I Know What To Do, I’m just Not Doing It. (Sound Familiar?)

So you know what to eat, but your just not doing it. Or maybe you eat healthy “most” of the time BUT,,,, you loose yourself over the weekend and get off track. Or you “eat healthy” BUT,,, your workouts are not as consistent as you’d like them to be. Believe me, I’ve heard every combination and then some, your not alone.

All of this can be frustrating and seem never ending. I agree, just when you get results going, something derails your efforts and you end up having to start over again or at least feel like it. I get it and I empathize with you.

I believe people generally know what to do for exercise and how to eat, it’s just sticking with it is the problem, especially when there are so many short cuts advertised and talked about. In this fast pace world, convenience is king, but very healthy. So called fast healthy options are fooling people with clever marketing and manipulated ingredients that always seem to hide sugar with new chemistry and fake heightened health benefits. If it’s not the sugar, then gluten inadvertently inflames your gut as well. Every time you eat their is something most likely you could have done better,,,, right? Even the fitness industry is trying to cut corners with workouts being sold like a buffet and promising 6 pack abs in 8 minutes. Hilarious!

The question is, “how can you stick to something that you know is going to be difficult and at the same time enjoy the struggle of the journey?”

We all want to have healthy readily available food with little to no effort and put minimal thought into preparing it. In a way we have all become lazy and demanding when it comes to our basic needs.

Answer these 5 questions:
But before you do, SET YOUR PRIORITIES. Once you know your priorities, you can set your goals. Once you know your goals, you can focus on habits. Once you have habits, YOU HAVE THE HABITS TO STAY CONSISTENT. Habits are the daily processes of actions that lead to accomplishing goals. Habits get results, not fancy new diets or 8 minute abs, unless those diets or 8 minute abs are done habitually.

5 Questions:
1. Is Wellness a priority and if so how much?
High, Kinda high, Up there, Middle of the road, Low-ish, Low, Don’t care

2. How do you rank your current efforts to be healthy?_____
Define Healthy to You?____

3. Do you want to look good or feel good?_____ What would you rank higher?______ Define Feeling / Looking good to You?___

4. Do you plan your meals or wing it? And if so How often?
And could you Improve your Planning?____

5. Are you willing, ready and able to make a change?______
What are you Willing to do?_____When will you be Ready do this?_____ Why are you Able?______

By answering those questions, you have just taken one step, one task, one win toward any goal in wellness. Stick with it, Win the Day.

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According to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)

  • 1 in 3 adults are considered to be overweight.
  • 1 in 13 adults were considered to have extreme obesity.
  • 1 in 6 children (ages 2 to 19) are considered to have obesity.

Knowing your Micro-Biome is the Future of Health Care

In February 2018 I was introduced to Viome.  A Gut Micro-Biome Testing company that has changed my life and defiantly changed the way I coach my nutrition clients.  To make a long story short, I was searching for a balance of performance and energy for long days of coaching and working out.  Eating healthy foods isn’t easy and I’ve always had issues with certain foods not agreeing with my stomach.  Being an athlete, soldier, fitness professional, plus being health minded my whole life, you would think I ate really clean.  This is not the case for me and most coaches actually.  It’s a life of always on the go and that means always on the go nutrition.  My search for a method needed to be wellness driven and sustainable. So I stumbled on VIOME.

We all know eating real food is the right thing to do, but in todays world it’s about impossible to stay 100% faithful to clean eating.  Even if you ate a clean diet, how would you know the foods you picked were right for you?  You wouldn’t unless you got your gut tested.  Please give the following videos a chance and please think about the information given.  If you want to talk after that, I would love to help you. (chris@mi5fitness.com)

CEO and creator of VIOME……


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Wanna Lose Fat? Improve your Nutrition 1st, then your Exercise Methods.

The best strategy to be at an ideal weight is to, NOT OVER EAT.  Obvious answer, but our entire society is set up against us and encourages us to live a life of abundance.  More this, more that, more everything and it finally spills into our relationship with food.  Its too easy to over eat and be over weight. Watch this quick video to understand why.

The science of how your body processes food and converts it into energy can be confusing, but it’s all about what and how much, you bring in consistently that truly matters.  If your anything like most Americans, you tend to over eat and not even realize it.  This is also the number one reason why people workout as hard as they do.  They feel if they didn’t workout, they’d be twice as fat or defiantly become over weight.  Sooooooo, what did the industry do?  Return to science and discover the most efficient way to workout, based off the facts.  If your wondering what style that is, watch this video on HiiT Training.

My best advice is to improve your nutrition education and workout for movement and joint durability long term.  It’s a sure way to live a healthy, high quality life that is pain free and rewarding at any age.

Eat Well, Move Well


If you missed the event here are the notes:
The Next “Eat Well, Move Well” Event will be October 2017

The 5 Wills of Wellness. “I will”
1. Think Well (Healthy Mind)
2. Be Well (Healthy Nervous System)
3. Eat Well (Nutrition)
4. Move Well (Exercise)
5. Breathe and Live Well (Minimize Toxins)

Healthy Mind – Be educated in all aspects of your happiness, but more importantly educate yourself to avoid negative thinking and unhealthy stress. How much is too much and how can you reduce stress in positive actions? If the fish bowl is killing fish, what do you do?  Change the water, right?

Healthy Nervous System – If your structure is off centered, its the same as a car that is off centered.  Eventually the car will break down.  Check your oil, body chemistry and alignment often. This will prevent break downs and promote thriving energy.  Your nervous system can be sensitive to breaking down, give it every reason not to be.

Nutrition – Find the right mix for you.  Educate yourself in the basics.  Protein is a building block for fat burning muscle.  Carbohydrates give us energy to think and move and fats nurture our tissues from the inside and out.  These amongst many other factors are important, however you have to learn about you and how you work.  Good nutrition is individualized, sustainable and balanced to keep your immune system strong and your metabolism running at peak levels.  We recommend learning from Precision Nutrition and joining our ProCoach Nutritional Coaching Program.  Programs available for less than $50.00 per month.

“MOVE WELL” (Exercise) – The 6 fundamental “Joint by Joint” Rules (See next months featured article)
1. Foot and Ankle (Stabile foot arch structure & mobility for ankle mechanics)
2. Hip & Pelvis (Mobility in 3 planes of motion, plus neutral pelvis stabilization)
3. Core Stability and the exercises you should be doing
4. T-Spine & scapular stability
5. Shoulder mobility and overhead lifting
6. Head & neck posture and prevention from cell phones and desk work

Minimize Toxins – Be aware that everyday we are exposed to different toxins.  From food we eat, to the air we breathe, to the work conditions at your employment.  We can’t avoid them, but we can reduce them.  What can we do to lower and reduce toxins? Exercise consistently, eat non processed foods and keep educated on your environment.  However, most toxins are self induced.  Alcohol is just one of them.  To live toxin free is impossible, but living healthy and making clean choices is.  It’s always a choice for you to say “I Will.”

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5 Processes / Habits to Practice For Life.

You are the sum of choices that you have made in life up until now.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself and telling a sob story of negativity. You are not fragile nor a victim, so stop throwing your hands up in the air every time you have a set back or feel like a fat ass. Tell a new story to yourself. One of positivity and self determination. Get on track and drive on. At the end of the day, your emotions don’t matter, its only the action you take that does. Lets roll!

5 Processes / Habits to Practice For Life.

  1. Nutrition Knowledge – Know exactly what you are consuming.  This takes practice and giving a f#$k.  Here’s my technique.  I simply ask myself: Do I have Protein, Healthy Carbs and Healthy Fat in this meal? Will this meal meet my needs for the next 3-4 hours? Will this meal make me healthier in the long term? Good nutrition habits need to be constantly refined. Its all about planning. Remember the 5 P’s Proper, Planning, Prevents, Poor, Performance. This should be stamped to your refrigerator, book bag, gym bag, car door, office seat, credit card and possibly your forehead. Put in the work and expect adversity, everyone struggles, even the fake instagram models.  And yes,,,,, this will take a bit of time. So read books, listen to podcasts (Mi-Fit Podcast) and think for yourself. Because listening to marketers talk about supplements and clueless dip-shits on morning talk shows confuse you about whats the latest diet. OMG, it’s no wonder nobody knows who to trust.  My advice is to find a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach. If you have food intolerance, defiantly get a coach. AND,,,, If you really want to know what to eat. Get your gut micro-biome testing. http://www.Viome.com
  2. Hydration – Its generally recommended to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day.  My technique is drink throughout the day, but more importantly drink full bottle of water about a half hour before a meal. If your a coffee drinker this crucial to get water before and after your coffee fix. Don’t wait, front load your water in the morning. Great morning ritual is: Upon waking drink 8-12oz. water + sea salt + lemon. All natural electrolyte and detoxification mix.
  3. Sleeping – 8 hours is always preferred, but this depends on stress.  If your body is stressed, you won’t be sleeping well. When cortisol (stress hormone) levels are up, melatonin (sleep hormone) levels will be low. Melatonin can be affected by, eating carbs close to bed time, caffeine, blue light (cell phones) and about 10 thousand other factors. See my article on Sleep.  If your a person who gets sick a lot, check your sleep quality average.  It is better to be consistent rather than to use the weekend to “get back” the lost sleep, during the week. Great Book: Sleep Smarter by: Shawn Stevenson
  4. Exercising – Most of the time, it doesn’t matter what the f$#k you do, just move well and move often. Thats it folks.  MOVE YOUR ASS and MOVE IT WELL! People have been healthy for thousands of years without barbells, shake weights, stair masters and crossfit.  Pick something that makes you happy, learn to do it right and roll with it. On a side note, haven’t you all noticed everyone is a fitness expert these days, just go social media and some cross fitter or yogi will tell you. But seriously, FIND A PROFESSIONAL that has a system of progression and accountability: If you need accountability try my: “Win the Day Everyday”
  5. Listening to your Body – It starts with breathing.  Diaphragm / belly breathing is correct. But theirs more, listening to your body is, understand the signs of being tired vs. having low blood sugar.  Dehydrated vs. brain fog. And muscle soreness vs. joint soreness.  Listening to your body is being self aware. Everything from anxiety to constipation. Calm and but ready to react to what is needed. Learning how YOUR machine operates is crucial to not only to survive, but to thrive.  If you have the right mindset, you can listen to your body and make fast decisions to correct any course.  Pushing to the limit one day can be testing a new limits the next week.  Breath and listen……. repeat.