Win The Day Journal

A 90 day guide to keep you accountable to your goals, track your progress, and win the day every day…


There is no short cut to success. Incremental progress has been proven to be the only path to long-term results. But it’s easy for overwhelm or inconsistency, and lack of clarity or strategy to get in the way.

Introducing The Win The Day Journal – a 90 day process that helps you identify, stick to, and achieve your goals. Its the perfect motivation and planning tool for athletes, entrepreneurs, students, and anyone who is driven but distracted.

The goal of the journal is to facilitate total wellness: relationships/family, career/work/craft, lifestyle/passions, finances/money, and health/fitness/nutrition. Thriving in each of these areas is the key to progress and longevity.

It all starts with a single day. Win it well, and soon you’ll win weeks, months, years, and beyond.

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