Online Training

Online training is the next best thing to training in person. In some ways, it’s even superior! Think, all the accountability and challenge of the gym – but without the commute and hassle.

Each program is fully customized to meet you where you are and get you where you want to go. We’ll meet regularly, chart your progress, and keep you activated and advancing.

Rooted in the “Win The Day” process and philosophy, my signature Total Wellness system is broken down into three parts: Mobility & Flexibility, Nutrition & Wellness, and Fitness & Performance.

Whether you choose to prioritize one, two, or all three of these areas, we’ll find ideal ways to fit your fitness and wellness into your life – your real life, the busy, hectic one not some fantasy version.

All programs include a fitness assessment – plus the option to add on my favorite, powerhouse nutrition tool VIOME, a gut micro-biome testing company. Customized grocery shopping list based off your gut-biome. Food your body needs for balanced health and optimal wellness.

You bring your goals and your tenacity.
I’ll bring my 15 years of experience, guidance, and passion for fitness and wellness.

I take my clients results as seriously as personally as I do my own and I’m ready to make this your year. If you’re ready to Win the Day – or at least curious about what partnering with me could do for your health, vitality, and longevity – we should talk. We’ll establish (or re-establish) your goals and priorities. I’ll answer any questions about me, my work, and the success of my clients.

Why Accountability Matters 
Will it really affect my results?
Accountability is absolutely critical. The road to your best body and health will have many ups and downs.

Accountability helps you stay focused, motivated, and consistent  – the only proven approach to lasting change.

What about nutrition?
Do I have to follow a strict plan in order to succeed?
Nutrition has a massive impact on so many parts of your health, including your immune system and the aging process. But, the plan you follow doesn’t need to be strict – it does need to be personalized for your body’s unique chemistry and needs.

I utilize a powerful tool called VIOME, a gut micro-biome company that shows you, quite clearly, what your body needs to heal and thrive.

* If you live in Minneapolis area – Fitness Assessment In-Person option **Call for Appointment 651-274-6897**

One of my favorite pieces of advice is to always “Finish Strong” but it all comes down to how you start.

Take action. Take charge.
Reach out now.

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