I have trained with Chris for 11 years and through his creativity no two workouts have been the same. Chris customizes each work out to ensure a total body work out and to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Chris has extensive knowledge in his field and has invested many hours in learning about fitness, nutrition, and creating a healthy lifestyle for you to live.  

You will not find a more qualified personal trainer and coach out there with many years of experience and multiple certifications, I plan to train with Chris as long as I can and I would highly recommend him. 

– Scott S.

I appreciate Chris’ attention to how I’m executing the exercises during our training sessions; his attention and critique help confirm I’m performing the exercise to benefit me the most. 

Chris always encourages me about my goals and gently nudges me closer to them, by holding me accountable, which has made me a better person.

– Tracy G

Coach G is a mastermind of athletic rehabilitation.  His knowledge makes his rehab programs / exercises routines supremely effective in healing soft tissue injuries.  

I’ve worked with Chris many times over the past years and had amazing results.

His programs are specific to each client and offer the chance to recover from an injury and increase mobility.  

– Lisa S

The calendar year of 2017, I suffered through several nagging injuries, and a minor surgery. That made it difficult for me both physically and mentally . The worst of which was an elbow injury (partially torn bicep tendon at the elbow) that put me in a dark place and I was ready to quite the gym.

I met with Chris and we talk over my expectations and goals. He helped me to understand but not accept and even challenge my limitations as an older athlete ( I need help to realize I am not 20 years old any more) and my injury. This helped me to get out of my funk and back on track for my fitness goals.

We started by meeting ever other week for 3 month’s and then once a month for the next 3 month’s. At each session Chris would test my fitness level and my elbow, and the develop a full body workout, strength, cardio and mobility, to continue the recovery. He even got me to try yoga. Eventually we had 12 different workouts that I would rotate through, working out 4 days per week.

I am happy to say that my elbow is doing well and getting stronger and I was able to get back into doing the regular workout’s and have been healthy and injury free since. I have thanked Chris for his help many times and his response is always the same, “Thank you, but you did all the work.”
This is a reflection of him and also all of the other coach’s and trainers at the gym and the community that has been developed there.
I no longer work one on one with Chris , but when I do see him he will still ask how the body feels. What started as a client hiring a trainer turned into a friendship . 

– Randy H

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