Trust Your Compass

People rely on you. You have an overbooked calendar, a demanding job, and loved ones who would like to keep you around. You know your health should be a priority – And it’s difficult to balance it all, I get it.    

Here’s the truth – the fitness industry isn’t setting you up for success. It’s too rigid, too complicated, and entirely too obsessed with purely cosmetic gains. It has morphed into a battle ground of who’s right and who’s wrong. 

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I have developed a system, I call the WTD Health Compass.  It is a road map to the 4 major pillars of health using the 4 cardinal directions.  
 Coaching your N.E.W.S  and life priorities is the art to this type of service.  4 programs / options to serve you best.

N- Nutrition  “Nourishment 365 Plan”
E- Exercise  “The Movement Practice Method”
W- Wellness  “Compass Wellness Coaching”
S- Sleep  “Quality Sleep, Stress Relief & Rejuvenation Plan” 

I’m Coach Chris Giesking and I want to help you find your direction to full spectrum HEALTH.   

In-gym personal training isn’t for everyone. It’s time consuming and some people can’t commit to lengthy commutes.  Online Virtual Training is the next best thing and is affordable.