People rely on you. You have an overbooked calendar, a demanding job, and loved ones who would like to keep you around. You know your health should be a priority, but……  it’s difficult to balance it all, I get it.    

Here’s the truth – the fitness industry isn’t setting you up for success. It’s toxic, too complicated, and entirely too obsessed cosmetic gains. Everyone wants to promise you quick fixes and it’s not cool to tell you it’s hard and it will always be that way.  

Make progress on healthy habits in 21 days.

I have developed a system, I call the Win the Day Health Compass.  It is a road map to the 4 major pillars of health using the 4 cardinal directions.  
 Coaching your N.E.W.S  and life priorities is the art to this type of service.  4 programs / options to serve you best.

N- Nutrition  “Nourishment 365 Plan”
E- Exercise  “The Movement Practice Method”
W- Wellness  “Compass Wellness Coaching”
S- Sleep  “Quality Sleep, Stress Relief & Rejuvenation Plan” 

I’m Coach Chris Giesking and I want to help Aging Athletes stay in the game.