6 Proactive Strategies for your Health Care

1st Strategy: Decide and Make it So. Your excuses aren’t helping you.

2. Change your routine or program every 3-4 weeks. This can be as simple as changing the sets, repetitions and tempo of movement and get your breathing right. Diaphragmatic breath and posture is key to a strong core.

3. Have one focus for each workout. Is it strength, conditioning? Or is it, “I want to feel better and lose weight? Write down your Goals, develop processes habits and just focus on today.

4. Know your weaknesses, issues and short comings in movement. Get tested with the Functional Movement Screen or NASM Overhead Squat frequently with a coach who is certified. Your not getting younger, be proactive.

5. Eat what you want and how you want, but remember it could it be different. Try and say your story is:
“I eat for wellness and custom performance for me. My fastest way to do that is to eliminate processed sugar and eat a well balanced whole food lifestyle.”
Ask for help / accountability from a coach or friend. You know you, what will work? Take Action!

6. Practice.


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