Improve your Ability to Move with the Joint by Joint Rule.


Movement patterns are combinations of movements we do everyday to live our lives.  Just getting out of bed is a combination of movements in planes of motion making a movement pattern.  How you move is a combination of repeated patterns.  The most common in exercise are known as the 7 basic movement patterns.
To improve your movement, one must understand the “JOINT by JOINT Rule. Which basically states,

“athletes who obey the laws of human joint mechanics will be efficient in athletic motion, thus improving performance when consistently given the periodized stimulus.”

The Joint by Joint Rule is a concept of each joint having a mobile or stable duty, stacked on top of each other from the ground up.   The foot has to be stable and the joint on top of it (the ankle) needs to be mobile.  Each joint moving up the body will  have a role and function.

Illustration of the “Joint by Joint Rule”


In every movement you do during the day, your body is performing both mobility and stability.  If you can move the right joints at the right time in the correct sequence to complete your tasks of living, movement will be efficient and less injuries will be a consistent benefit.

So what do I do?

Coach G is saying:
(Functional Movement Screen)
Tested or Movement Screened by a movement professional
Practice Mobility drills in full Range of motion Frequently
Mobility Drills are YOGA type stretching with a pattern Specific Focus 
Prioritize movement Quality over high volume of less Efficient movement
Plan with a Coach to strategize a program to improve your Ability 
Take Action by Moving Everyday 

Next Article: Top 5 Mobility Drills to get Results

Learn more watching the “JOINT by JOINT Rule” Explained by Mike Boyle.

Sleep: 28 Day Challenge

Sleep is the foundation of youth and our bodies natural state of growth.  An average human will spend 1/3 of life sleeping.  Learn 28 ways to improve that 1/3 of your life.

Complete this 28 day “Improve your Sleep Plan”
Each day focus on the challenge or information given.  Build on your successes and use the best practice approach that fits in your life. Enjoy and please share to help others.

IMG_3909 (2)IMG_3910 (2)IMG_3911 (2)IMG_3912 (2)IMG_3913 (2)IMG_3914 (2)IMG_3915 (2)IMG_3916 (2)IMG_3917 (2)IMG_3918IMG_3919IMG_3920IMG_3921IMG_3922 (2)IMG_3923 (2)IMG_3924 (2)IMG_3925 (2)IMG_3926 (2)IMG_3927 (2)IMG_3928IMG_3929IMG_3930IMG_3931IMG_3932IMG_3933IMG_3934 (2)IMG_3935 (2)

Start to tonight!

Coach Chris Giesking

Running: The Pose Method

Were you ever coached how to run? If your answer was no, you’re not alone.  We all ran around when we were little kids and didn’t think anything of it.  That is what kids do, they run around.  Put one foot in front of the other and move where you want to go.  No one thinks about it, they “just do it.”

I was a sprinter and never liked distance of any kind.  I would dread long runs when ever I had to do them and avoid workouts that had any running what so ever in them.  My body never seemed to like the pounding nor do I like, long slow cardio.  I remember saying to myself after completing the Twin Cities Marathon, “I will never do another $#@% marathon ever again.”

The excuses I told myself why I hated running were from injuries sustained over the course of my life.  Just to name a few:
* Broke foot from jumping down stair case when I was a kid.

* Breaking both my legs in farming accident when I was a kid.

* Chronic foot pain from long distance running leading to a stress fractures in Army basic training.  Had to re-do training after a 6 week rehab.

* Knee pain and hip pain training for Army Ranger School. Needed to complete 5 miles in 40 minutes with small hills.

* Multiple rolled ankles playing college Rugby.

*Partial Torn Achilles, long story.

* I could go on and on, but the TRUTH is, I never knew how to Run or Train effectively to get results.

But then I learned “The Pose Method.”  It has helped me overcome my injuries and has also helped me enjoy running again.  Haaaaaa NOT.
Still working on that, but at least the injuries have gone away.  The Pose Method uses gravity and body positioning to produce efficient motion.  Moving functionally the way we were intended to move makes a lot of sense once you understand the method.

Watch the next few videos and decide for yourself.  If you want more information, go to POSEMETHOD.COM and I highly recommend their training programs to learn how to run.

Body Weight Routines for Health & Vitality

WHY Body Weight Routines?
*  Time Efficiency
*  Zero to Little Equipment Needed and No Set Up Time
*  Promote Relative Strength
*  Enhance Body Control
*  Provide Self Awareness to Limitations
*  Excellent Method to Keep Joints Health
*  Can be Preformed Anywhere
*  Intensity can be Controlled by Speed, Time & Skill

20 minutes doing continuous movement of:
A1 – Air Squats 10 with slow 5 count downs
A2 – Push Ups 5 with slow 5 count downs
A3 – Floor Superman Holds 2x 10 seconds (Rest 5 seconds between)
A4 – Inverted Rows 10
A5 – Glute Hip Bridges 10 with 3 second Hold

20 minutes doing continuous movement of:
A1 – Single Leg Balance to Alternating Toe Touch 5/5
A2 – Walking Lunges 10/10
A3 – Pull-Ups (*Use Band if Needed) Focus on downs 5
A4 – Jumping Jacks 20
A5 – Push-Up Plank Hold with 20 Alternating Shoulder Taps

Two – 10 minute workouts doing continuous movement of:
A1 – Side Lunges (R&L) 10/10
A2 – Bear Crawl 20 meters
A3 – Inverted Rows 10
Rest 1 minute
B1 – Air Squat to Calf Raise 15
B2 – Burpees 5
B3 – Sit-Ups 10

Two – 10 minute workouts doing continuous movement of:
A1 – Lunge Matrix (R&L -forward-side-reverse) 18 total steps
A2 – Chest Bar/Ring Dips 10
A3 – Side Plank Hold (R&L) 20 seconds
Rest 1 minute
B1 – Core Sit-Outs 5/5
B2 – Shuttle Run (10m – 10m – 10 meters)
B3 – Pull-Ups *Use Band if Needed) Focus on downs 5

**Google any exercise you don’t know**

To Be Continued ………..IMG_2453


Wanna Lose Fat? Improve your Nutrition 1st, then your Exercise Methods.

The best strategy to be at an ideal weight is to, NOT OVER EAT.  Obvious answer, but our entire society is set up against us and encourages us to live a life of abundance.  More this, more that, more everything and it finally spills into our relationship with food.  Its too easy to over eat and be over weight. Watch this quick video to understand why.

The science of how your body processes food and converts it into energy can be confusing, but it’s all about what and how much, you bring in consistently that truly matters.  If your anything like most Americans, you tend to over eat and not even realize it.  This is also the number one reason why people workout as hard as they do.  They feel if they didn’t workout, they’d be twice as fat or defiantly become over weight.  Sooooooo, what did the industry do?  Return to science and discover the most efficient way to workout, based off the facts.  If your wondering what style that is, watch this video on HiiT Training.

My best advice is to improve your nutrition education and workout for movement and joint durability long term.  It’s a sure way to live a healthy, high quality life that is pain free and rewarding at any age.

Eat Well, Move Well


If you missed the event here are the notes:
The Next “Eat Well, Move Well” Event will be October 2017

The 5 Wills of Wellness. “I will”
1. Think Well (Healthy Mind)
2. Be Well (Healthy Nervous System)
3. Eat Well (Nutrition)
4. Move Well (Exercise)
5. Breathe and Live Well (Minimize Toxins)

Healthy Mind – Be educated in all aspects of your happiness, but more importantly educate yourself to avoid negative thinking and unhealthy stress. How much is too much and how can you reduce stress in positive actions? If the fish bowl is killing fish, what do you do?  Change the water, right?

Healthy Nervous System – If your structure is off centered, its the same as a car that is off centered.  Eventually the car will break down.  Check your oil, body chemistry and alignment often. This will prevent break downs and promote thriving energy.  Your nervous system can be sensitive to breaking down, give it every reason not to be.

Nutrition – Find the right mix for you.  Educate yourself in the basics.  Protein is a building block for fat burning muscle.  Carbohydrates give us energy to think and move and fats nurture our tissues from the inside and out.  These amongst many other factors are important, however you have to learn about you and how you work.  Good nutrition is individualized, sustainable and balanced to keep your immune system strong and your metabolism running at peak levels.  We recommend learning from Precision Nutrition and joining our ProCoach Nutritional Coaching Program.  Programs available for less than $50.00 per month.

“MOVE WELL” (Exercise) – The 6 fundamental “Joint by Joint” Rules (See next months featured article)
1. Foot and Ankle (Stabile foot arch structure & mobility for ankle mechanics)
2. Hip & Pelvis (Mobility in 3 planes of motion, plus neutral pelvis stabilization)
3. Core Stability and the exercises you should be doing
4. T-Spine & scapular stability
5. Shoulder mobility and overhead lifting
6. Head & neck posture and prevention from cell phones and desk work

Minimize Toxins – Be aware that everyday we are exposed to different toxins.  From food we eat, to the air we breathe, to the work conditions at your employment.  We can’t avoid them, but we can reduce them.  What can we do to lower and reduce toxins? Exercise consistently, eat non processed foods and keep educated on your environment.  However, most toxins are self induced.  Alcohol is just one of them.  To live toxin free is impossible, but living healthy and making clean choices is.  It’s always a choice for you to say “I Will.”

Contact Information:
Chris Giesking, MS
Follow at Coach Chris Giesking on Instagram & FaceBook

Move Strong & Move Free

Move Strong and Move Free workouts are designed for anyone at any fitness level above beginner.  The base level for this program is for individuals that can move through full range of motion with no pain or discomfort.  See my article “What is your movement profile” This article can guide you if you are a beginner or needing modification of exercises due to an injury or movement issue.

Equipment needed for this program is basic and most exercises can easily be substituted for a body weight version or something similar.  So, if your ready to move, lets get going!

Move Strong and Move Free Workouts have 4 main components.   
1.  Warm Up:  The most important piece is movement preparation.  The body needs to get aligned before strenuous exercise.  Ensure your joints and muscle are ready for functional fitness by drills that improve movement quality.
2.  Strength Endurance:  Exercises meant to maintain and increase levels of full body strength, while also giving the body a challenge to increase stamina by time under tension and longer interval sets of higher repetitions.
3.  Short Intense Interval Circuits:  These circuits have 2-3 exercises with one of them, always featuring a core movement. These circuits are also shorter in time and demand bursts of high intense energy.
4.  Cool-Down:  Re-align the body and recover with focused breathing exercises and stretches to reenforce good posture and health.

Move Strong & Free is a perfect 2 or 4 week program to get your metabolism rocking.  Measure your fitness and do workouts for 2 weeks as written, then change your weights and reps to make it challenging for the next 2 weeks, then re-measure. Enjoy!

**All exercises can be “Googled” or searched on “YouTube”

Workout #1 “Wake Up Call”
Warm Up: 5 – 10 minutes
A.  15 Minutes of Every Minute on the Minute of:
Start a new exercise every minute.  Move quickly to transition to the next exercise and rest til the start of a new minute.
A1- Alternating Single Leg Dead Lift & Balance 7/7
A2 – Legs 90 degrees Wall Sits 45 seconds
A3 – Reverse Lunge with Bicep Curl 7/7
A4 – 20 Banded Chest Press + 5 Slow Push Ups
A5 – 5 Banded Bicep Curls + 20 Banded Rows

B.  Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes complete:
B1 – 30/20 Static Bear Crawl
B2 -20/15 Air Squats
B3 – 15/10 Push Ups
Cool-Down: 5 – 10 minutes
Workout #2 “I Felt That 2 Days Afterwards”
Warm Up: 5 – 10 minutes
A.  20 minutes of:
As Many Rounds as Possible of:
B1 – 5 Burpees
B2 – RFE (rear foot elevated) Split Squats 5/5
B3 – Banded Rows 25
B4 – MB (medball) Thruster 10
B5 – Dead Bug 20

B.  Two: 8 Round – Two Exercise Circuit of: 20 seconds Work & 10 seconds Rest
1st 8 Round Interval:
A1 – Air Squats with Calf Raise
A2 – TRX Rows
2nd 8 Round Interval:
B1 – Box Step Up to Curl
B2 – Box Elevated Push Up
Cool-Down: 5 – 10 minutes
Workout #3 “Carbs, Protien & Fat”
**Fun Fact**
Carbs have 4 calories per 1 gram, protein has 4 calories per gram as well, and Fat has 9 calories per gram. Watch out for those bad fats!**
Warm Up: 5 – 10 minutes
A.  4 Sets of: (30 second Go’s or the # of reps listed) *Rest as Needed
A1 – 12 DB Goblet Squats
A2 – 12 DB Chest Press
A3 – 6/6 Renegade Rows + 6 Push Ups

B.  4 Sets of:  *Rest as little as possible
B1 – 15 KB Swings
B2 – 5/5 DB Thruster (R&L)
B3 – 15 Hanging Knees to Chest

C.  9 minutes AMRAP of:
A1 – 2x Speed Ladder Drill
A2 – 9 TRX Rows
A3 – 9/9 Band Rotation (R&L)
A4 – 9 DB Reverse Flys
Workout #4 “Glad I Did It, but I’m Glad Its Over”
Warm Up: 5 -10 minutes
A.  5 Sets of:
A1 – 1 min. AMRAP of: 5 Push Ups & 10 Squats
A2 – 20 Reverse Lunges
A3 – 20 TRX Rows

B.  5 Sets of:
B1 – 1 min. AMRAP of: 3 Burpees & 6 Sit Outs
B2 – 10 DB Bent Over Rows
B3 – 5/5 Side Lunges

C.  5 minutes of:
C1 – 20 meters Butt Kicks + Back Pedal 20 meters
C2 – 10 DB Shoulder Press
C3 – 20 Hollow Rocks
Workout #5 “Strong is Earned”
Warm Up Part 1: 5 minutes of Floor Stretching
Warm Up Part 2: 10 minutes of Dynamic Movements
A.  5 Sets of:
A1 – Goblet Squats with Calf Raise 12
A2 – Farmer Carry 40 meters
A3 – Inverted Rows 12

B.  9 minutes AMRAP of:
B1 – 6/6 Box Step Ups with DB Curl
B2 – 6 Burpees
B3 – 12/12 Band Rotation

C.  6 minute Core Circuit of:
C1 – 20 Hollow Rocks
C2 – 10/10 Dead Bugs
C3 – 30 Mountain Climbers







Fitness outside will raise your metabolism: 3 tips to get outside and see results.

If you love the outdoors your metabolism will thank you. Exercising outdoors provides an opportunity to be physically active in a constantly changing environment and the more challenging the activity, the harder the body has to work to sustain an efficient work rate.  Temperatures can make a big impact on the body and raise your metabolic rate in cold or hot weather.

1st off, lets pick some activities you can do outside that will be easy to include in a weekly or monthly routine.  Team Sports, Biking, Running, Hiking or a Water activities are just some starters.

Tip #1
Understand your body responds differently to environment and type of fitness intensity its given.  If the temperature and wind are a factor, know that its a completely different workout than its opposite.  Tip 1: Pick one day of the week to “go long” and another to “go short”  On these days, pick your outdoor activity based off weather and apply it.
Long day: Slow and controlled intensity with varying skill work.
Short day: Sprints and high intensity intervals.

Tip #2
Life, work and your schedule sometimes has you with no other choice other than driving to the gym.  The hassle of outdoor fitness takes a lot of planning, especially if your hobby is equipment driven.  Tip 2: Incorporate body powered equipment to get to the gym, this includes running to the gym.  Once your there, do a quick strength circuit and power back home.  Challenge: Do a time trail on how fast you can make it to the gym.

Tip #3
Invite friends to join you in your quest to enjoy fitness outdoors.  They can bring intensity to the workout or even form a game to complete.  Volleyball, baseball, rugby, kickball, spike ball, etc.  Aim for once a week to be group driven.

With a little creativity and imagination you can replicate almost any gym exercise outside, especially if you live near a park.  Try pull-ups, step-ups, push-ups and other body-weight exercises. When it’s a beautiful day, take advantage of the opportunity to exercise outside.

Questions to ask yourself.
-What types of outdoor activities do I enjoy?
-What do I get from being outdoors?
-Is my current exercise plan sustainable and most importantly, enjoyable?
-What can I do inside the gym to make outside hobbies physically more enjoyable?


5 Processes / Habits to Practice For Life.

You are the sum of choices that you have made in life up until now.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself and telling a sob story of negativity. You are not fragile nor a victim, so stop throwing your hands up in the air every time you have a set back or feel like a fat ass. Tell a new story to yourself. One of positivity and self determination. Get on track and drive on. At the end of the day, your emotions don’t matter, its only the action you take that does. Lets roll!

5 Processes / Habits to Practice For Life.

  1. Nutrition Knowledge – Know exactly what you are consuming.  This takes practice and giving a f#$k.  Here’s my technique.  I simply ask myself: Do I have Protein, Healthy Carbs and Healthy Fat in this meal? Will this meal meet my needs for the next 3-4 hours? Will this meal make me healthier in the long term? Good nutrition habits need to be constantly refined. Its all about planning. Remember the 5 P’s Proper, Planning, Prevents, Poor, Performance. This should be stamped to your refrigerator, book bag, gym bag, car door, office seat, credit card and possibly your forehead. Put in the work and expect adversity, everyone struggles, even the fake instagram models.  And yes,,,,, this will take a bit of time. So read books, listen to podcasts (Mi-Fit Podcast) and think for yourself. Because listening to marketers talk about supplements and clueless dip-shits on morning talk shows confuse you about whats the latest diet. OMG, it’s no wonder nobody knows who to trust.  My advice is to find a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach. If you have food intolerance, defiantly get a coach. AND,,,, If you really want to know what to eat. Get your gut micro-biome testing.
  2. Hydration – Its generally recommended to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day.  My technique is drink throughout the day, but more importantly drink full bottle of water about a half hour before a meal. If your a coffee drinker this crucial to get water before and after your coffee fix. Don’t wait, front load your water in the morning. Great morning ritual is: Upon waking drink 8-12oz. water + sea salt + lemon. All natural electrolyte and detoxification mix.
  3. Sleeping – 8 hours is always preferred, but this depends on stress.  If your body is stressed, you won’t be sleeping well. When cortisol (stress hormone) levels are up, melatonin (sleep hormone) levels will be low. Melatonin can be affected by, eating carbs close to bed time, caffeine, blue light (cell phones) and about 10 thousand other factors. See my article on Sleep.  If your a person who gets sick a lot, check your sleep quality average.  It is better to be consistent rather than to use the weekend to “get back” the lost sleep, during the week. Great Book: Sleep Smarter by: Shawn Stevenson
  4. Exercising – Most of the time, it doesn’t matter what the f$#k you do, just move well and move often. Thats it folks.  MOVE YOUR ASS and MOVE IT WELL! People have been healthy for thousands of years without barbells, shake weights, stair masters and crossfit.  Pick something that makes you happy, learn to do it right and roll with it. On a side note, haven’t you all noticed everyone is a fitness expert these days, just go social media and some cross fitter or yogi will tell you. But seriously, FIND A PROFESSIONAL that has a system of progression and accountability: If you need accountability try my: “Win the Day Everyday”
  5. Listening to your Body – It starts with breathing.  Diaphragm / belly breathing is correct. But theirs more, listening to your body is, understand the signs of being tired vs. having low blood sugar.  Dehydrated vs. brain fog. And muscle soreness vs. joint soreness.  Listening to your body is being self aware. Everything from anxiety to constipation. Calm and but ready to react to what is needed. Learning how YOUR machine operates is crucial to not only to survive, but to thrive.  If you have the right mindset, you can listen to your body and make fast decisions to correct any course.  Pushing to the limit one day can be testing a new limits the next week.  Breath and listen……. repeat.