WHAT is In it 4 U?

Are YOU getting the most out of YOUR gym?  And is hiring a Fitness or Nutritional Coach worth it?

What do YOU get? Seriously, what do YOU get?  The real answer might actually be.  Absolutely Nothing.  Yes, nothing!  If YOU don’t utilize YOUR gym properly that is.  Only YOU can ask the right questions about YOU.  Are you even serious about being as healthily as YOU can be.  Here are a few questions to ask if YOU are serious.  What are the benefits of YOUR paid membership or coaching?  Does YOUR gym have a positive culture? What is the environment? Does YOUR gym have people who support and keep YOU motivated? Does the gym have additional services that YOU can take advantage of?  Are YOU learning anything or just following? Before you decide on a gym or hire a coach ask YOURSELF this, as well.  Is YOUR gym just another hour of YOUR day or is it the best hour of YOUR day? and Why?

Is it because of the coaches? The culture? The environment? The workouts?

So what is it? What’s YOUR gyms purpose to YOU? What’s the real reason why YOU go and why is that important to YOU? Do YOU have any goals? Are they wrote down? Does a fitness coach know about them?  Do they hold YOU accountable to them? Kinda of? or Yes, they absolutely do?

Start asking the right questions for the best YOU.

Find a gym that has the culture you want to be in.  Do YOUR homework of gyms in your area.  Make sure its the right environment for positive action. Hire a competent fitness or nutrition professional that can help. Make sure they have YOUR best interest and are not just selling YOU on products and services you don’t need.  Does the gym have an evaluation or fitness assessment?  Is a Coach assigned to YOU? Who are they? Do they live what they preach?  What is their philosophy of health and wellness? Do they coach YOU or just give YOU a list of stuff to do? Again, are they competent in knowledge and have YOUR best interest?

Here’s my 5 step plan for YOU to be in the right place and get the most out of YOUR gym.

Step 1 – YOU decide on the best gym that has positive culture and environment.
Step 2 – YOU commit to going as many times as YOU said YOU would.
Step 3 – YOU write down your goals and contact YOUR coach.
Step 4 – YOU commit to a plan with YOUR coach to keep accountable and motivated.
Step 5 – YOU re-assess with your coach and adjust the plan when needed. Repeat this step for any many times as possible until its a lifestyle and not a plan.

YOU are in the driver seat and YOU can go as fast or as slow as YOU want.  YOUR hard work will produce the results YOU will ultimately EARN. Fitness is not an entitlement and nor should it be taught or educated that way.  The fitness market is tricky and will take advantage of YOUR weaknesses.  A positive culture and environment is foundation to build YOUR goals on.  If this one key detail is wrong, YOU will always struggle.

Lastly, YOU are in charge of YOU. So go be YOU and do YOUR best.

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