Have Fun in your Workouts

P.L.D. – Pre. Lift. Dance.
A.L.D. – After. Lift. Dance.

We need to have fun in this life long journey of health and fitness.  It’s hard enough just watching what we eat on a daily basis, little lone making it to the gym consistently.   Whether you have big fitness goals or just maintaining your health, its still important to find satisfaction and happiness from physical activity.  If your having fun, it doesn’t seem like work.  If your routine needs an overhaul, get a hold of me or just play some better music while you workout. Haa but seriously.  If you’ve been doing the same routine since NAM, maybe its time to change things up.
When I coach, my question to whom I’m training is simple in regards to their program design.

Is it sustainable and can it be a lifestyle?
Do you get satisfaction and is it enjoyable?

The challenge from there will be getting results with the level of intensity needed to meet your goal.  Every fitness program should have sustainable elements of: F.I.T.T.
Frequency of days working out per week
Intensity of workouts and energy systems conditioned
Time under tension per workout and volume of work completed
Type of workouts (they should be FUN) Remember the gym is just a tool.

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