Sleep: 28 Day Challenge

Sleep is the foundation of youth and our bodies natural state of growth.  An average human will spend 1/3 of life sleeping.  Learn 28 ways to improve that 1/3 of your life.

Complete this 28 day “Improve your Sleep Plan”
Each day focus on the challenge or information given.  Build on your successes and use the best practice approach that fits in your life. Enjoy and please share to help others.

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Start to tonight!

Coach Chris Giesking

What are Your 2018 Health & Fitness Priorities?

What are your 2018 Health Priorities?

    If your wanting to make some changes in your health this year, you did the right thing by reading this article.  1st off, I’ve been making and setting goals with gym goers for over 10 years and every New Year, I hear some of the same shit.  I need to do this and cut out that, OR I need to start doing this and do less of that.  If I commit to that and not that, I’ll change.  And for a few weeks it works,,,,,,,, So let’s stop right here!!!!

Just focus on the basics! Focus on basic health habits you learned a long time ago. Yes, they still work.  Its only the market place that has changed 50x and confused everyone.  What can you do better today? What can you learn and apply tomorrow? Don’t worry about it, just focus on today.  Win the Day with the basics.  If you can Win the Day, you can Win another Day and another after that.  If you can Win the Week, you most certainly can Win the Month. If you string a few months together you can Win the Year.  If you Win the Year, You are Winning your Life.

Now back to the basics.  The basics range from personal hygiene to getting to bed on time.  Eating the right foods for you more often than not and staying away from unhealthy behaviors such as regular fast food.  PS. Fast food does not give you basic health benefits.  Fast food places have one goal….Make massive profits, by giving you less then basic nutrition.

The basics are the simple things we all make difficult.  The basics are drinking enough water throughout the day and getting balanced macro & micro nutrients, from real food.

            Macronutrients are the structural and energy-giving caloric components of our foods that most of us are familiar with. They include carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

            Micronutrients are the vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytochemicals, and antioxidants that are essential for good health.

The basics also include, moving with good posture and finding time to work on flexibility.  “Mobility is the difference maker in long term joint health.”

The basics are different for everyone, but yet they’re all kind of the same.  If your health is a top priority this year, you will still have ups and downs. With that said, what would you change with your health and fitness in 2018?  Hopefully a lot of  basics you do as a lifestyle, but if not maybe start their before you say your gonna do this or accomplish that.

If I was your coach, (PS. I do on-line programming and coaching)  I would start you out with outlining your PRIORITIES 1ST. Making a list of your priorities first will narrow down what to get started with. From there, I would have you write a GOAL for each priority.  From the list of priorities and a goal to go with them, I then would have you write daily tasks to chip away at your goals.  These daily tasks are going to be different each day.  Your best results will come when you write down your tasks each day and cross them out as you complete them.  I call these the “WIN THE DAY” tasks.  If you just commit to your tasks each day based off your goals, based of the priorities that created them.  You can “WIN THE DAY” everyday.

Here are a few topics and questions to think about in regards to Health and Fitness priorities:

    Fitness Program: Do you have one?  Do you need one?  Do you do it consistently enough to say its a program? Is it improving you or maintaining you?  Is it boring or it’s always changing? And is that the reason why its not working? Do you lift? Do you run? Do you mix it all together? Do you not know what you should be doing? Are you pushing yourself? Do you have anyone to workout with?

    Nutrition Lifestyle: The foods you most often consume on a routinely basis. Again, macros and micros levels? How do you make up a meal? Do you base it around a meat or vegetables?  What are your cravings? Do you need to change? What is your Nutrition education level? Or do you know everything? Have you stuck with something long enough to make real changes in your body?  Or are you just getting by on whats convenient?  Go get your body fat measured and compare it to last year. Do you know that figure?  Bad meals add up more than you think and they also derail progress more than you think.  

Immune system: Your ability to fight off colds and heal infections. Look closely at your micronutrients levels if you have issues.

    Cardiovascular Health: The 3 Energy systems for exercise intensity.  (see energy systems article) The heart and its circulatory health.  These must be exercised.  30 minutes of Elevated Heart Rate work per day is the leading prescription for cardiovascular diseases.  The leading cause of death in America.

    Digestive system: Poop! Your immune system is closely linked to your gut, your bodies 2nd brain.  Shoot for 20-30 grams of FIBER per day from plant based foods.

    Nervous System: Your brain transmits nerve impulses to the spine and organs, if you have neck and back problems, you have spine and nervous system problems.  Issues in various places of the spine can lead to bodily organs being effected/  Take care of your posture and spine to be thriving in nervous system health.  VERY IMPORTANT, ALWAYS OVERLOOKED.

Mental Health: You are in charge of you. What you choose to think about matters.

Remember: Priorities 1st, then write your goals for each priority.  Write the daily tasks for each Goal each day and WIN THE DAY, EVERYDAY.


Can you spot reduce? If not, Try this Interval Strength Training Program.

When people ask me the best exercise for abs I tell them……
Table push-aways!

I can’t even tell you how often I hear someone at the end of the workout say something like, “I need to do more abs, I want to get that six-pack.” In fact, this site ran a Q&A on the topic just last week. The truth is that taking a six-pack ouf of your refrigerator is a better way to get a six-pack than 600 sit-ups.

The key to abdominal definition is the visibility of the abdominal musculature, not the strength of the muscles. You can do 1.4 million sit-ups, crunches, or whatever exercise you want and it will have no effect on abdominal definition. When people ask me the best exercise for abs I tell them table push-aways. It usually takes a few seconds for them to get it. It’s not a joke, it’s the truth. If you want better abs, eat less and train more. Don’t just train your abs.

The idea of working abs to get abs is one of the oldest misconceptions in training. This goes back to the idea of spot reduction. Spot reduction has never worked and never will. The research has been done over and over and the answer is always the same. You can’t decrease the fat layer on a particular area by working that area. That means that the people doing sit-ups to lose abdominal fat and sitting on the adductor (for inner-thigh work) machine are wasting their time. Good total body work is, was, and always will be the key to fat loss.

Want better abdominal definition? Finish every workout with some hard interval training instead of extra sit-ups or crunches. Interval training, or what is currently called High Intensity Interval Training (abbreviated HIIT), is the real key to fat loss and the resulting definition. Interval training burns more calories than steady-state aerobic training and because it is a sprint program, you get a sprinter’s body.

Abdominal training may reduce the diameter of the waistline but will not do anything to reduce body fat. The truth is there are many good reasons to do abdominal work or core training, as we now like to call it. A strong core (strong abs) is one of the keys in the prevention of back pain. A strong core will help you look better and improve performance in a host of sports, but sit-ups or any other abdominal exercise will not reduce body fat.

Another good tip: don’t just do hundreds of crunches. A good abdominal or core program is a lot more than crunches. In fact, a great deal of your core work should be isometric exercises like front planks and side planks. One of the major functions of the core musculature is the prevention of motion. What does that mean? It means that the abdominals are great stabilizers. Work on the stability function, not just on flexion and extension. – By Mike Boyle

Try this program to get you going:
1 month
4-5 days per week
M- Push / Leg Focus Hiit Interval Training 
T- Pull / Core Focus Hiit Interval Training 
W- Off Day or Active Rest Day
TH- Push / Leg Focus Hiit Interval Training 
F- Pull / Core Focus Hiit Interval Training 
Optional: 1 Weekend day of Strength Training Only (Full Body) 1 hour

Monday & Thursday
Dynamic Movements after Custom Flexibility & Mobility Drills
10 minutes of:
A1 – 15 Air Squats Holds to Calf Raise
A2 – Band Lateral Walks with Lite DB Shoulder Drills
A3 – Floor Based Core Drill
5 Sets of:
A1 – Push Horizontal Exercise 10-15 reps + 10 second Explosive Push Exercise
A2 – Front Squat 10-15 + 10 second Explosive Jumping Exercise
B1 – Push Vertical Exercise 10-15 reps
B2 – RFE Split Squats 10/10
B3 – Farmer Carry
Hiit Interval Training
12 minutes:
A1 – Upper Body Push 20-30 sec.
A2 – Lower Body Push 20-30 sec.
A3 – Cardio Machine 30 sec.
Two 9 minute workouts with 2 minute break in-between
A1 – Lower Body Push 30 sec.
A2 – Cardio Machine 45 sec.
A3 – Upper Body Push 30 sec.
Tuesday & Friday 
Dynamic Movements after Custom Flexibility & Mobility Drills
10 minutes of:
A1 – 15 Lite Dead Lift + Hip Flexibility Drill
A2 – Band Lateral Walks with Lite DB Rear Delt Drill
A3 – 30 second Core Iso-Hold
5 Sets of:
A1 – Pull Horizontal Exercise 10-15 reps + 10 second Explosive Pull Exercise
A2 – Single Leg Dead Lift + 20 second Explosive Lunge Matrix
B1 – Pull Vertical Exercise 10-15 reps
B2 – DB Box Step Ups 10/10
B3 – Sled Push
Hiit Interval Training
15 minutes EMOM
A1 – Core Exercise
A2 – Lower Body Hinge
A3 – Cardio Machine
Two 9 minute workouts with 2 minute break in-between
A1 – Lower Body Pull – High Rep
A2 – Upper Body Pull – Low Rep
A3 – 2 Exercise Core – 1 minute




Have Fun in your Workouts

P.L.D. – Pre. Lift. Dance.
A.L.D. – After. Lift. Dance.

We need to have fun in this life long journey of health and fitness.  It’s hard enough just watching what we eat on a daily basis, little lone making it to the gym consistently.   Whether you have big fitness goals or just maintaining your health, its still important to find satisfaction and happiness from physical activity.  If your having fun, it doesn’t seem like work.  If your routine needs an overhaul, get a hold of me or just play some better music while you workout. Haa but seriously.  If you’ve been doing the same routine since NAM, maybe its time to change things up.
When I coach, my question to whom I’m training is simple in regards to their program design.

Is it sustainable and can it be a lifestyle?
Do you get satisfaction and is it enjoyable?

The challenge from there will be getting results with the level of intensity needed to meet your goal.  Every fitness program should have sustainable elements of: F.I.T.T.
Frequency of days working out per week
Intensity of workouts and energy systems conditioned
Time under tension per workout and volume of work completed
Type of workouts (they should be FUN) Remember the gym is just a tool.

5 Pillars for Thriving Fitness

-Education – To Empower Yourself with Kick Ass Knowledge

-Nutrition – Thriving is Mindful Quality Nutrition choices for Vitality

-Strength – The Right amount to do get the Job Done with Stamina and then Some

-Movement Quality – for Efficiency, Injury Prevention and Physical Durability

-Energy System Conditioning – for your Lifestyle, Metabolism and Athletic Endeavors

It is your physical health responsibility to be informed, take care of yourself, ask the right questions, read from multiple information sources and use best practices to keep healthy.  A victim mindset is poison for a healthy mind.    

Eat mindfully as much as possible, PERIOD.  But seriously, eat with vitality in mind as an outcome long term.  Their is no one diet plan that is for everyone. However, A Raw or Whole Food Diet, Paleo, The Zone Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Vegetarian Diet all have similar characteristics.  Healthy eating is not about deprivation, following strict nutrition rules or starving yourself to lose weight. It is about getting healthy and staying healthy by making smarter food choices, including watching portion sizes, limiting fat consumption, eating natural, whole foods like fruits, veggies and whole grains and reducing processed food in the diet.

“My strength comes from the abdomen. It’s the center of gravity and the source of real power. Strength train, but keep your main focus on your art.” Bruce Lee

Train for the right amount of strength you need with a foundation of stability and always remember:  Methods are many, principles are few, methods often change but principles never do. Do your fucking homework and train the right way.

Movement Quality:
Best practices when it comes to moving well can include a consistent regime of flexibility and mobility exercises.  Consistency will get results and reward you with durability and efficiency .  Having good body control and timing is different for different sports.  The more skilled movement the more practice it will take.  Everyday you should move every joint in your body in healthy ranges of motion.  If I had to make one priority for my fitness, it would be to move well, then move often.

Energy System Conditioning:
Your Lifestyle, your Metabolism and any Athletic Endeavors depend on your energy system quality.  Without getting to sciency, the phosphagen, glycolysis and the aerobic system need to be trained.  In plain terms your: Sprint, Run & Jog and Walk endurance all have different systems of needs. If you want to thrive in total health they all need attention to some degree.  This may look different for grandpa and completely different for little Jonny on the rugby team.  Depending on your goals and lifestyle a thriving heart needs conditioning.  Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women in the United States.



The 5 Second Rule – To Life

Have you ever dropped food on the floor and said “5 second rule” and picked it up and still ate it?  Ha, of course you have. But have you thought of what 5 seconds might really have done to that piece of food?  Probably nothing, but you can imagine if the floor was dirty you might get a hair in your mouth or worse yet you get sick from eating it. Gross!

Ok, now imagine if you took “the 5 second rule” approach to life.  What can 5 seconds really do?  What can 5 seconds of negativity do? Does it matter, your gonna deal with it anyway, right? How can you improve the situation in or after 5 seconds of something going wrong? Or what type of impact can you have in 5 seconds, is better question?  What type of spin can you put on a situation that starts off bad, just like that food that fell on the floor?  Imagine if you could teach yourself how to react positive in 5 seconds to every situation.  Think fast!!!!! This is a skill that is worth mastering.  Your true feelings can be expressed in 5 seconds and most importantly your character can be defined as well.

Try looking at “the 5 second rule” like this:  Life is food and its gonna fall on the floor every once and awhile.  It’s up to you, to pick it up or not.  Sometimes its worth it sometimes it’s not.  And sometimes you have to because you have no other option.  If you are hungry enough you’ll pick it up no matter what the cost.  Life is tough, but you decide what food you eat and what you don’t.  You can grab life off the floor and be optimistic.  I mean really, don’t be a “Gerber” and start crying about it, just make a positive decision and go with it, because you are either fighting disease or feeding it.
img_1776If your environment is clean and your world is set up in a positive culture, you can afford to eat something off the floor and not have major problems.  But if your floor and your environment is unhealthy, its going to make the 5 second rule a lot harder every time something falls.  Seriously, do yourself a favor and make the 5 second rule a skill for positive action. Because repetition is the mother of all skills and you only get one fucking life.

How to Stay Focused

Be 100% aware of gratitude.  Know where you came from and be proud of it.  Be thankful that you have what you have.  If you stay true to being grateful, focus is easy.  Focus on   keeping gratitude in all aspects your life.  Especially, health and fitness.  Chase your dreams and give your passion to the world.  Everyone that loves you would be proud that you did.
It’s either “Hell Yeah” or Hell No”! If your not ALL-IN your ALL-OUT.

And for those who grew up in the old school era.  “Skate or Die”