What is YOUR Movement Profile?

1st off, recognize that opportunity for quality movement happens every second of your day.  Your posture, body language and your movement efficiency are directly related to your energy levels, mood, mind set and confidence.  All of these factors are controllable, but if your movement is subconscious dysfunctional, you wouldn’t know it unless you were in pain or uncomfortable.  So the goal is to become, conscious functional or simply said, have body awareness and control.

Your movement profile can be determine by many factors, however to make things simple, I’ve broke it down into 3 categories.

No movement restrictions and achieves strength performance / conditioning when done consistently.  Able to do the following patterns in a workout or under stressful conditions.
-Toe Touch & Active Straight Leg Raise (See FMS Screen)
-Deep Squat & Single Leg Squat
-Upper Body Push (Horizontal & Vertical) i.e. Push-Up & Shoulder Press
-Upper Body Pull (Horizontal & Vertical) i.e. Inverted Row & Pull-Up
-Hip Hinge & Single Leg Hip Extension i.e. Dead Lift & Hip Bridge
-Walk, Jog , Run and Sprint (No over-pronation or gait asymmetry issues)
-Crawl, Climb and Jump (Body Weight Ratio : Performance Levels)

Has some movement restrictions and struggles with mobility.  Is aware of movement restrictions, but is able to maintain fitness level if done consistently.  Not able to do one or more of the following:
-Toe Touch & Active Straight Leg Raise
-Deep Squat & Single Leg Squat
-Upper Body Push (Horizontal & Vertical)
-Upper Body Pull (Horizontal & Vertical)
-Hip Hinge & Single Leg Hip Extension
-Walk, Jog , Run and Sprint
Crawl, Climb and Jump

Exercises without knowing what is good or bad. Avoids most moments because of discomfort or pain and has difficultly with results.  Pain is a cycle, sometimes worse and often times unexplainable.  Frustrated with exercise due to cycle of body soreness.

Most people fall into the 2nd category of Conscious Dysfunctional.  Always working on something, always trying to improve mobility and stability in hopes of turning it into strength and performance gains.  Aware of short comings, but get results if consistent in workouts.  The biggest advice I can give for category 2, is to prioritize.  Here is a list of movements to work on, from the highest priority to the least.

1st, “Asymmetries”  If you have a RIGHT / LEFT asymmetry, that takes priority #1.  Achieve balance in mobility and stability of the Ankle, Hip & Shoulders.  It might seem minor or have no pain, but a tight RIGHT shoulder can effect your LEFT hip while running, just like a tight LEFT hip flexor can effect your RIGHT low back and lead to PAIN or DISCOMFORT.  LEARN to LISTEN to your body.

2nd, Active Straight Leg Raise and Shoulder Mobility.  The Hips and Shoulders control the strength production and power the body can produce.  These are crucial for performance. Proper mobility & stability in these two joints can keep you injury free and speed up the recovery process of any workout style.  (See FMS Screen)

3rd, The Core.  The center of the body will be the start and finish of most movements.  The frame of the body is the core and the core is the foundation.  Energy travels through the center.  If you want to transfer energy, the core acts like a conduit of electricity, channeling power to your limbs. Your hips and shoulders generate power and a strong core keeps a stable platform for energy efficiency & power production.  The core is a force multiplier.

***If you want more on movement patterns and functional movement screening, Read my article “Functional Movement 24 SEVEN 365”. ***
References for this article is:
http://www.Functional Movement.COM






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