5 Things to Practice For Life.

Some of you will like this, some of you will not like this and some of you need to hear this.
You are the sum of the choices that you have made up until now.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself and telling a sob story of negativity. You are not fragile nor a victim, so stop throwing your hands up in the air every time you have a set back or feel like a failure. Tell a new story, one of positivity and self determination. Get on track, drive on and find your path again. At the end of the day your emotions and feelings don’t really matter, its only the actions you take that matter. Lets do this, I believe in you.

5 Practices For Life.

  1. Keep learning about Nutrition – Know exactly what you are consuming.  This takes practice and giving a f#$k.  Here’s my technique.  I simply ask myself: Do I have Protein, Healthy Carbs and Healthy Fat in this meal? Will this meal meet my needs for the next 3-4 hours? Will this meal make me healthier in the long term? Good nutrition habits need to be constantly refined. Its all about planning. Remember the 5 P’s Proper, Planning, Prevents, Poor, Performance. This should be stamped to your refrigerator, book bag, gym bag, car door, office seat, credit card and possibly your forehead. Put in the work and expect adversity, everyone struggles, even the fake instagram models.  And yes,,,,, this will take a bit of time. So read books, listen to podcasts and think for yourself, not your friend that said they were gonna try a new diet. Because listening to internet marketers talk about supplements and clueless dip-shits on morning talk shows confuse everyone. OMG, it’s no wonder nobody knows who to trust.  My advice is to find a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach. If you have food intolerance, defiantly get a coach. AND,,,, If you really want to know what to eat. Get your gut micro-biome tested. http://www.Viome.com
  2. Hydration – Its generally recommended to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day.  My technique is drink throughout the day, but more importantly drink full bottle of water about a half hour before a meal. If your a coffee drinker this crucial to get water before and after your coffee fix. Don’t wait, front load your water in the morning. Great morning ritual is: Upon waking drink 8-12oz. water + sea salt + lemon. All natural electrolyte and detoxification mix.
  3. Sleeping – 8 hours is always preferred, but this depends on stress.  If your body is stressed, you won’t be sleeping well. When cortisol (stress hormone) levels are up, melatonin (sleep hormone) levels will be low. Melatonin can be affected by, eating carbs close to bed time, caffeine, blue light (cell phones) and about 10 thousand other factors. See my article on Sleep.  If your a person who gets sick a lot, check your sleep quality average.  It is better to be consistent rather than to use the weekend to “get back” the lost sleep, during the week. Great Book: Sleep Smarter by: Shawn Stevenson
  4. Exercising – Most of the time, it doesn’t matter what you do, just move well and move often. Thats it folks.  MOVE YOUR ASS and MOVE IT WELL! People have been healthy for thousands of years without barbells, shake weights, stair masters and crossfit.  Pick something that makes you happy, learn to do it right and roll with it. On a side note, haven’t you’ll noticed everyone is a fitness expert these days, just go social media. FIND A PROFESSIONAL that has a system of progression and accountability that is CLIENT CENTERED. Client centered is what the client wants, NOT what the coach does or thinks you should do. It’s about YOU, you have to find your something that you will consistently do. The coach helps in that process and guides the best movement practices.
  5. Listening to your Body – It starts with breathing and checking in to your parasympathetic nervous system. Down regulation and lowering stress levels. YES, listening to your body is understand the signs of being tired, having low blood sugar, being dehydrated, having brain fog, having muscle soreness vs. joint soreness.  It’s also being self aware of anxiety, but also ready to react to what is needed at the moment. Learning how YOUR machine operates is crucial, not only to survive, but to thrive.  If you have the right mindset you can listen to your body and make faster decisions to correct any course.  Breathe, Listen, Take Needed Action, Repeat.

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