Fitness outside will raise your metabolism: 3 tips to get outside and see results.

If you love the outdoors your metabolism will thank you. Exercising outdoors provides an opportunity to be physically active in a constantly changing environment and the more challenging the activity, the harder the body has to work to sustain an efficient work rate.  Temperatures can make a big impact on the body and raise your metabolic rate in cold or hot weather.

1st off, lets pick some activities you can do outside that will be easy to include in a weekly or monthly routine.  Team Sports, Biking, Running, Hiking or a Water activities are just some starters.

Tip #1
Understand your body responds differently to environment and type of fitness intensity its given.  If the temperature and wind are a factor, know that its a completely different workout than its opposite.  Tip 1: Pick one day of the week to “go long” and another to “go short”  On these days, pick your outdoor activity based off weather and apply it.
Long day: Slow and controlled intensity with varying skill work.
Short day: Sprints and high intensity intervals.

Tip #2
Life, work and your schedule sometimes has you with no other choice other than driving to the gym.  The hassle of outdoor fitness takes a lot of planning, especially if your hobby is equipment driven.  Tip 2: Incorporate body powered equipment to get to the gym, this includes running to the gym.  Once your there, do a quick strength circuit and power back home.  Challenge: Do a time trail on how fast you can make it to the gym.

Tip #3
Invite friends to join you in your quest to enjoy fitness outdoors.  They can bring intensity to the workout or even form a game to complete.  Volleyball, baseball, rugby, kickball, spike ball, etc.  Aim for once a week to be group driven.

With a little creativity and imagination you can replicate almost any gym exercise outside, especially if you live near a park.  Try pull-ups, step-ups, push-ups and other body-weight exercises. When it’s a beautiful day, take advantage of the opportunity to exercise outside.

Questions to ask yourself.
-What types of outdoor activities do I enjoy?
-What do I get from being outdoors?
-Is my current exercise plan sustainable and most importantly, enjoyable?
-What can I do inside the gym to make outside hobbies physically more enjoyable?


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