What I Believe and Why I Believe it.

My Goal is to Help 10,000 Veterans, more specifically Veterans with PTSD.

My original project was to help myself with problems of survivors guilt.  Learning to let go of the past and focus on the future is difficult, little lone having PTSD symptoms that felt out of control.  In 2015, 3 years after I left the Military, I started to create a system to help myself see that I was in control of my thoughts surrounding my past.  What’s done is done, learn from it and move forward.  We all have setbacks and parts of life we would rather not revisit.  But it is all opportunity and growth for what is to come.  Realizing the good that can come from pain and failure is a choice.  The Win the Day Everyday Journal has helped me realize I have a choice everyday and I choose to WIN.

I’m Paying it Forward to my BAND OF BROTHERS, “To The Last Man”


I BELIEVE it’s our DUTY in LIFE to GIVE what we have to OFFER the WORLD.  It’s also my BELIEF that everyone has a PURPOSE.  That Purpose is meant to be “The CHASE” of your very OWN Unique PASSIONS. If you TRULY want to Seek MEANING of YOUR LIFES PURPOSE.  You MUST TAKE ACTION on the BEST Version of YOU.


Unfortunately most people have accepted a discounted version of themselves. Never having the CONFIDENCE to TAKE their DREAM SHOT.  I want to help people change that, so I want to offer you “THE WIN THE DAY Method.”  A method that TEACHES CONSISTENCY and GETS RESULTS.  It WORKS off of a structured template to hold participants ACCOUNTABLE to what THEY SAY.  The Win the Day Method starts with your PRIORITIES you choose in LIFE.

Try this method RIGHT NOW!

Step 1:  

What is Most important to YOU

Priority #1 _____________________________

Example: My Health & Wellness 1st and  Fitness & Performance Goals)

Priority #1 _____________________________

Step 2:

Set Goals for Each Priority.







Goal #1____________________________________

Example: Lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks, by going to the gym 4x per week and being consistent with my Win the Day, Nutrition Plan.

Goal #1____________________________________

 Step 3:

Each day Write Tasks that need to be complete to WIN your DAY and get you one step closer to your GOAL.  Tasks that YOU SAY you will DO.


Task 1:__________________________________

Example: Go to the gym at 4:30pm after work, then pick up groceries on the way home to cook tonight by 6:30-7pm.

Task 1:________________________________

If you want to make moves toward your goals and set priorities to achieve what you’ve always wanted.  Give your 100% effort in a Win the Day Mindset. Make Moves on the Best you.

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