Running: The Pose Method

Were you ever coached how to run? If your answer was no, you’re not alone.  We all ran around when we were little kids and didn’t think anything of it.  That is what kids do, they run around.  Put one foot in front of the other and move where you want to go.  No one thinks about it, they “just do it.”

I was a sprinter and never liked distance of any kind.  I would dread long runs when ever I had to do them and avoid workouts that had any running what so ever in them.  My body never seemed to like the pounding nor do I like, long slow cardio.  I remember saying to myself after completing the Twin Cities Marathon, “I will never do another $#@% marathon ever again.”

The excuses I told myself why I hated running were from injuries sustained over the course of my life.  Just to name a few:
* Broke foot from jumping down stair case when I was a kid.

* Breaking both my legs in farming accident when I was a kid.

* Chronic foot pain from long distance running leading to a stress fractures in Army basic training.  Had to re-do training after a 6 week rehab.

* Knee pain and hip pain training for Army Ranger School. Needed to complete 5 miles in 40 minutes with small hills.

* Multiple rolled ankles playing college Rugby.

*Partial Torn Achilles, long story.

* I could go on and on, but the TRUTH is, I never knew how to Run or Train effectively to get results.

But then I learned “The Pose Method.”  It has helped me overcome my injuries and has also helped me enjoy running again.  Haaaaaa NOT.
Still working on that, but at least the injuries have gone away.  The Pose Method uses gravity and body positioning to produce efficient motion.  Moving functionally the way we were intended to move makes a lot of sense once you understand the method.

Watch the next few videos and decide for yourself.  If you want more information, go to POSEMETHOD.COM and I highly recommend their training programs to learn how to run.

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