The “Movement Practice Method”

3 Principles + 3 Actions Steps

applied with consistency and purpose for 30-60-90-100x Lifestyle days.

Principle 1:  The Joint by Joint Rule

The Joint by Joint Rule states that each joint of the body has a mobile or stable duty while moving in functional biomechanics.  
“The whole is greater, than the sum of its parts”     

Movement Principle 2:  Move as ONE

Functional movement is defined as optimal joint biomechanics in human movement.  Their are 7 fundamental patterns also called archetypes of the human movement system.  By practicing the 7 patterns, the body will be durable and resistant to soft tissue breakdown and postural dysfunction.  Everyday movements with less than optimal alignment and position will lead to dysfunction, impairments and possibly injury. Your performance is both optimal and efficient when your joint flexibility and mobility are in sync with stabile positioning while in combinations of the 7 archetypes. A flow state is when practiced athletic skill is fluid and flowing with little resistance and seems effortless. Your movement is habitual and so is its compensations (Ie. Posture, sitting, walking, sleeping, driving, working, etc.) If you have more patterns that are dysfunctional, it would be likely that you also have more compensations that need to be corrected.

Move like water – Bruce Lee

The “Balance 7” functional movements are as follows:   
1.  Squat 2. Lunge  3. Hinge  4. Push  5. Pull 6. Rotate 7. Locomotion

Movement Principle 3:  Follow your Compass

A compass is an instrument for navigational guidance. Its purpose is to give real time information on your current direction heading.  A compass has 4 cardinal points of North, South, East & West) Mirroring the 4 cardinal points of a compass. The “Health Compass” is a guide to navigate (Nutrition, Exercise,Wellness & Sleep. or N.E.W.S) Your health NEWS effects body and the quality in which you can preform.

Nutrition effects muscle and soft tissue health, repair, hydration and performance especially “Gut MicroBiome Health.”

Exercise effects movement quality, body tissues, stamina, endurance, strength, power, mind body toughness.

Sleep effects rejuvenation, recovery, hormonal health, growth and energy.

Wellness effects concentration, focus, stress relief, quality of life, energy, happiness, fulfillment and enjoyment of life. 

The N.E.W.S. effects the whole and “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

What improvements can you make in your N.E.W.S.
N- Nutrition
E- Exercise
W- Wellness
S- Sleep

Action Step 1: Morning Mobility

A morning stretching practice has been shared by many cultures, warriors, societies thought time and has proven to be beneficial to the human body. This Health Compass morning routine features movements that reboot, recharge and boost your energy to start your day. This routine can be the start of a day and also a warm up to a movement practice session.

Action Steps 2: Move with Intention & Purpose

Moving with intention is a mindset you have while working out. A mindset willing to move with quality and purpose. Improving functional movement skills will take practice, but practicing to get 1% better each time you train is the program. Be intentional, why you move and exercise. You should love your movement practice. Be you and do physical fitness you enjoy.

It takes zero ( 0 ) skill to give a ( 100% ) effort, but effort and time is all it takes to build skill. Their are a lot of methods and techniques to achieving fitness and skillful movement. If you can train your mindset when your training your body, you will enjoy physical activity on a whole new scale, because of intention.

Action Step 3: Development of Your Movement Practice

Understanding your priorities and the hierarchy of movement should be considered when designing a program of fitness.

What I Believe and Why I Believe it.

My Goal is to Help 10,000 Veterans, more specifically Veterans with PTSD.

My original project was to help myself with problems of survivors guilt.  Learning to let go of the past and focus on the future is difficult, little lone having PTSD symptoms that felt out of control.  In 2015, 3 years after I left the Military, I started to create a system to help myself see that I was in control of my thoughts surrounding my past.  What’s done is done, learn from it and move forward.  We all have setbacks and parts of life we would rather not revisit.  But it is all opportunity and growth for what is to come.  Realizing the good that can come from pain and failure is a choice.  The Win the Day Everyday Journal has helped me realize I have a choice everyday and I choose to WIN.

I’m Paying it Forward to my BAND OF BROTHERS, “To The Last Man”


I BELIEVE it’s our DUTY in LIFE to GIVE what we have to OFFER the WORLD.  It’s also my BELIEF that everyone has a PURPOSE.  That Purpose is meant to be “The CHASE” of your very OWN Unique PASSIONS. If you TRULY want to Seek MEANING of YOUR LIFES PURPOSE.  You MUST TAKE ACTION on the BEST Version of YOU.



Unfortunately most people have accepted a discounted version of themselves. Never having the CONFIDENCE to TAKE their DREAM SHOT.  I want to help people change that, so I want to offer you “THE WIN THE DAY Method.”  A method that TEACHES CONSISTENCY and GETS RESULTS.  It WORKS off of a structured template to hold participants ACCOUNTABLE to what THEY SAY.  The Win the Day Method starts with your PRIORITIES you choose in LIFE.

Try this method RIGHT NOW!

Step 1:  

What is Most important to YOUR Dream SHOT in LIFE

Priority #1 _____________________________

Example: My Health & Wellness 1st and  Fitness & Performance Goals)

Priority #1 _____________________________

Step 2:

Set Goals for Each Priority.







Goal #1____________________________________

Example: Lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks, by going to the gym 4x per week and being consistent with my Win the Day, Nutrition Plan.

Goal #1____________________________________

 Step 3:

Each day Write Tasks that need to be complete to WIN your DAY and get you one step closer to your GOAL.  Tasks that YOU SAY you will DO.


Task 1:__________________________________

Example: Go to the gym at 4:30pm after work, then pick up groceries on the way home to cook tonight by 6:30-7pm.

Task 1:________________________________

If you want to make moves toward your goals and set priorities to achieve what you’ve always wanted.  Give your 100% effort in a Win the Day Mindset. Make Moves on the Best you.

TOP GUN, was my childhood Dream Shot.


Improve 1% (24*7*365 for Life)



You can achieve anything if your willing to put in the work it takes to achieve it.  But this isn’t always planned, sometimes the work required is mis-measured and you fall short of your goal. Sometimes the work you did put in, wasn’t enough.  If your willing to make the sacrifices, willing to fight adversity, willing to make adjustments, willing to fix errors, willing to get back up, willing to show up again and again and learn from every opportunity.  Then, you will achieve it, Period.  This doesn’t require special talent or gifts. It doesn’t include luck or being in the right place. It requires doing the work. Day in and day out.  Working to improving 1% until you complete, what knew you could. 1% may look  different day to day, but it’s in your mind and in heart and in your gut.  At the end of the day,”did I give my 100% and then some.” Because the “and then some” is the 1%.  It’s the difference between knowing you did your best and having regrets. Give 1% more, believe it and you will achieve it. Set your goals high and improve 1% each day, 24 / 7 / 365 for the rest of your life.

Vision becomes Reality


Find that place where your VISION grows into your


“A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.” – Rosabeth Moss Kanter

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Alan Kay

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens.” – Carl Jung

     Your environment is crucial to your success in what ever it is you want to accomplish.  Take any dream or vision of yours and place it in an environment surrounded by negativity and it will only be the death of that dream. Your environment includes every part of your life. Where you work, where you live, where you exercise, what you eat, what you listen too, what you watch and most importantly who your surround yourself with.

     Find the right environment where your vision grows.  This is a place where you can get work done. This is a place where you can get focused and not be distracted.  This is a place where all your great ideas come to you.  This is a place that may not always be the same location. This is a place where you have your “ah yah” moments. This is a place that offers clarity on this vision and what steps to take next.  This place could be in your mind or a state of mind.  You alone have to take responsibility for your environment.

     Action steps and the raw truth:
1.  Stop making excuses for anything.
2.  Your circumstance is not special or unique. If the other guy or gal can do it, so can you.
3.  Plan your day and work your plan.
4.  Make your own accountability chart and measure your success.
5.  Believe it and work everyday to achieve it.