The 5 Second Rule – To Life

Have you ever dropped food on the floor and said “5 second rule” and picked it up and still ate it?  Ha, of course you have. But have you thought of what 5 seconds might really have done to that piece of food?  Probably nothing, but you can imagine if the floor was dirty you might get a hair in your mouth or worse yet you get sick from eating it. Gross!

Ok, now imagine if you took “the 5 second rule” approach to life.  What can 5 seconds really do?  What can 5 seconds of negativity do? Does it matter, your gonna deal with it anyway, right? How can you improve the situation in or after 5 seconds of something going wrong? Or what type of impact can you have in 5 seconds, is better question?  What type of spin can you put on a situation that starts off bad, just like that food that fell on the floor?  Imagine if you could teach yourself how to react positive in 5 seconds to every situation.  Think fast!!!!! This is a skill that is worth mastering.  Your true feelings can be expressed in 5 seconds and most importantly your character can be defined as well.

Try looking at “the 5 second rule” like this:  Life is food and its gonna fall on the floor every once and awhile.  It’s up to you, to pick it up or not.  Sometimes its worth it sometimes it’s not.  And sometimes you have to because you have no other option.  If you are hungry enough you’ll pick it up no matter what the cost.  Life is tough, but you decide what food you eat and what you don’t.  You can grab life off the floor and be optimistic.  I mean really, don’t be a “Gerber” and start crying about it, just make a positive decision and go with it, because you are either fighting disease or feeding it.
img_1776If your environment is clean and your world is set up in a positive culture, you can afford to eat something off the floor and not have major problems.  But if your floor and your environment is unhealthy, its going to make the 5 second rule a lot harder every time something falls.  Seriously, do yourself a favor and make the 5 second rule a skill for positive action. Because repetition is the mother of all skills and you only get one fucking life.

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