Improve your Ability to Move with the Joint by Joint Rule.


Movement patterns are combinations of movements we do everyday to live our lives.  Just getting out of bed is a combination of movements in planes of motion making a movement pattern.  How you move is a combination of repeated patterns.  The most common in exercise are known as the 7 basic movement patterns.
To improve your movement, one must understand the “JOINT by JOINT Rule. Which basically states,

“athletes who obey the laws of human joint mechanics will be efficient in athletic motion, thus improving performance when consistently given the periodized stimulus.”

The Joint by Joint Rule is a concept of each joint having a mobile or stable duty, stacked on top of each other from the ground up.   The foot has to be stable and the joint on top of it (the ankle) needs to be mobile.  Each joint moving up the body will  have a role and function.

Illustration of the “Joint by Joint Rule”


In every movement you do during the day, your body is performing both mobility and stability.  If you can move the right joints at the right time in the correct sequence to complete your tasks of living, movement will be efficient and less injuries will be a consistent benefit.

So what do I do?

Coach G is saying:
(Functional Movement Screen)
Tested or Movement Screened by a movement professional
Practice Mobility drills in full Range of motion Frequently
Mobility Drills are YOGA type stretching with a pattern Specific Focus 
Prioritize movement Quality over high volume of less Efficient movement
Plan with a Coach to strategize a program to improve your Ability 
Take Action by Moving Everyday 

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Learn more watching the “JOINT by JOINT Rule” Explained by Mike Boyle.

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