Pain Free Exercise – Improve your Flexibility

During the course of your life you will experience aches and pains in various areas of your body.  It’s apart of being a human.  Pain is apart of life and the process of growing, especially if you want to push through to new levels of fitness.

During this journey, you most likely have had:

*Sore feet or plantar fasciitis

*Shin splints, tight calves and achilles pain

*Rolled ankles or ankle disfunction leading to pronation of the foot

*Knee issues like bursitis, tendinitis, patella femoral syndrome, IT band problems etc.

*Hips flexor aches and pains, hip strains and hip asymmetry and complications with hip tilting causing low back pain and weak abdominals

*Low back issues like bulging disk, herniation, chronic inflammation and posture complications due to core weakness and control

*Upper back and neck soreness leading to shoulder dysfunctions like inflamed rotator cuff, bicep tendonitis and impingement syndrome to name a few.

*Arm pain like golfers and tennis elbow

You get the picture and can probably relate to a few of them I’m sure of it.  So let’s do something about minimizing injuries and pain.

Try these Mobility, Flexibility & Stability routines during your next workout

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