I Know What To Eat, I’m just Not Doing It. (Sound Familiar?)

So you know what to eat, but your just not doing it. Or maybe you eat healthy “most” of the time BUT,,,, you loose yourself over the weekend and get off track. Or you “eat healthy” BUT,,, your workouts are not as consistent as you’d like them to be. Believe me, I’ve heard every combination and then some, your not alone.

All of this can be frustrating and seem never ending. I agree, just when you get results going, something derails your efforts and you end up having to start over again or at least feel like it. I get it and I empathize with you.

I believe people generally know what to do for exercise and how to eat, it’s just sticking with it is the problem, especially when there are so many short cuts advertised and talked about. In this fast pace world, convenience is king, but very healthy. So called fast healthy options are fooling people with clever marketing and manipulated ingredients that always seem to hide sugar with new chemistry and fake heightened health benefits. If it’s not the sugar, then gluten inadvertently inflames your gut as well. Every time you eat their is something most likely you could have done better,,,, right? Even the fitness industry is trying to cut corners with workouts being sold like a buffet and promising 6 pack abs in 8 minutes. Hilarious!

We all want to have healthy readily available food with little to no effort and put minimal thought into preparing it. In a way we have all become lazy and demanding when it comes to our basic needs.

Answer these 5 questions:
But before you do, SET YOUR PRIORITIES. Once you know your priorities, you can set your goals. Once you know your goals, you can focus on habits. Once you have habits, YOU HAVE THE HABITS TO STAY CONSISTENT. Habits are the daily processes of actions that lead to accomplishing goals. Habits get results, not fancy new diets or 8 minute abs, unless those diets or 8 minute abs are done habitually.

5 Questions:
1. Is Health a priority and if so how much?
High, Kinda high, Up there, Middle of the road, Low-ish, Low, Don’t care

2. How do you rank your current efforts to be healthy?_____
Define Healthy to You?____

3. Do you want to look good or feel good?_____ What would you rank higher?______ Define Feeling / Looking good to You?___

4. Do you plan your meals or wing it? And if so How often?
And could you Improve your Planning?____

5. Are you willing, ready and able to make a change?______
What are you Willing to do?_____When will you be Ready do this?_____ Why are you Able?______

By answering those questions, you have just taken one step, one task, one win toward any goal in health.

Stick with it, Win the Day.

According to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)

  • 1 in 3 adults are considered to be overweight.
  • 1 in 13 adults were considered to have extreme obesity.
  • 1 in 6 children (ages 2 to 19) are considered to have obesity.

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