The “Movement Practice Method”

3 Principles + 3 Actions Steps

applied with consistency and purpose for 30-60-90-100x Lifestyle days.

Principle 1:  The Joint by Joint Rule

The Joint by Joint Rule states that each joint of the body has a mobile or stable duty while moving in functional biomechanics.  
“The whole is greater, than the sum of its parts”     

Movement Principle 2:  Move as ONE

Functional movement is defined as optimal joint biomechanics in human movement.  Their are 7 fundamental patterns also called archetypes of the human movement system.  By practicing the 7 patterns, the body will be durable and resistant to soft tissue breakdown and postural dysfunction.  Everyday movements with less than optimal alignment and position will lead to dysfunction, impairments and possibly injury. Your performance is both optimal and efficient when your joint flexibility and mobility are in sync with stabile positioning while in combinations of the 7 archetypes. A flow state is when practiced athletic skill is fluid and flowing with little resistance and seems effortless. Your movement is habitual and so is its compensations (Ie. Posture, sitting, walking, sleeping, driving, working, etc.) If you have more patterns that are dysfunctional, it would be likely that you also have more compensations that need to be corrected.

Move like water – Bruce Lee

The “Balance 7” functional movements are as follows:   
1.  Squat 2. Lunge  3. Hinge  4. Push  5. Pull 6. Rotate 7. Locomotion

Movement Principle 3:  Follow your Compass

A compass is an instrument for navigational guidance. Its purpose is to give real time information on your current direction heading.  A compass has 4 cardinal points of North, South, East & West) Mirroring the 4 cardinal points of a compass. The “Health Compass” is a guide to navigate (Nutrition, Exercise,Wellness & Sleep. or N.E.W.S) Your health NEWS effects body and the quality in which you can preform.

Nutrition effects muscle and soft tissue health, repair, hydration and performance especially “Gut MicroBiome Health.”

Exercise effects movement quality, body tissues, stamina, endurance, strength, power, mind body toughness.

Sleep effects rejuvenation, recovery, hormonal health, growth and energy.

Wellness effects concentration, focus, stress relief, quality of life, energy, happiness, fulfillment and enjoyment of life. 

The N.E.W.S. effects the whole and “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

What improvements can you make in your N.E.W.S.
N- Nutrition
E- Exercise
W- Wellness
S- Sleep

Action Step 1: Morning Mobility

A morning stretching practice has been shared by many cultures, warriors, societies thought time and has proven to be beneficial to the human body. This Health Compass morning routine features movements that reboot, recharge and boost your energy to start your day. This routine can be the start of a day and also a warm up to a movement practice session.

Action Steps 2: Move with Intention & Purpose

Moving with intention is a mindset you have while working out. A mindset willing to move with quality and purpose. Improving functional movement skills will take practice, but practicing to get 1% better each time you train is the program. Be intentional, why you move and exercise. You should love your movement practice. Be you and do physical fitness you enjoy.

It takes zero ( 0 ) skill to give a ( 100% ) effort, but effort and time is all it takes to build skill. Their are a lot of methods and techniques to achieving fitness and skillful movement. If you can train your mindset when your training your body, you will enjoy physical activity on a whole new scale, because of intention.

Action Step 3: Development of Your Movement Practice

Understanding your priorities and the hierarchy of movement should be considered when designing a program of fitness.

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